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Tivoli Manager for Domino V2.1 Fulfilling Service Level Agreements Using Tivoli Technology, SG24-6005-00
Tivoli Manager for Domino V2.1 is the new, state-of-the-art management solution for the Lotus Domino environment. Combined with additional Domino-related Tivoli technologies, Tivoli Manager for Domino V2.1 forms the base of a comprehensive management environment enabling delivery of high-quality services and allowing IT organizations to focus on business needs rather than technical solutions. By providing centralized, proactive management capabilities of the Domino environment, the functionality is extended to encompass very powerful functions for Domino User and Database management as well as service level reporting.

This IBM Redbook provides an overview of the disciplines needed to ensure this focus. Emphasis is on the Service Level, Capacity, Availability, and Configuration Management disciplines. A sample Service Level Agreement is provided to serve as an idea generator for assisting Domino administrators and IT Managers in developing Service Level Agreements for specific customer environments. Furthermore, this book demonstrates the installation, customization, and use of the extended Domino management environment. This book is valuable when planning a Domino service provision, and the discussions of design, installation, and customization issues gives valuable information to Domino administrators.

  Table of Contents
Part 1. Domino Service Delivery
Chapter 1. Providing services
Chapter 2. Service Management 101
Chapter 3. The Domino Service Level Agreement
Part 2. Domino Service Support
Chapter 4. Tivoli meets Domino
Chapter 5. Managing the Domino environment
Chapter 6. Measuring Domino Server capacity and performance
Chapter 7. Ensuring availability of the Domino service and data
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Luis Gustavo Torres
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